Thursday, April 18, 2013

Victorian Flowers

So I'm cruising around Google images looking for inspiration when I came across this photo. Isn't it pretty?  Being spring and a lover of lilacs I have found my inspiration.
This photo kinda reminded me of a newspaper nail/pink rose tutorial by Robin Moses which I promptly checked out so shout out to Robin for some of the inspiration of this manicure.

I painted the pallet last night.  That is the base for this design.  Two coats of a noname white polish then a frankenpolish mix of browns and golds to give  the white an antique look.  Other than the base, all the rest of the painting was done with acrylics.

I did do the newspaper deal to the nails but with all the painting I did you really can't see.  

I started by painting brownish stems for the roses and greenish stems for the lilacs.  A couple of color coordinated leaves where painted in too.

Some of the newsprint is visible on this nail.

The roses were painted with pinks and the lilacs with purples.  Duh.  Job finished with a clear coat to seal in the design.

I am just tickled pink over this mani.  I can't get over just how gorgeous it looks in person.

Notice my cuticles are not yet fully recovered from the massacre.  :-(

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