Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crocus Inspired Concrete Nails

Crocus, concrete?  crocus, concrete?  crocus, concrete?  Um yup!

Originally I was thinking Spring when I saw the crocus in bloom next to my front porch.  But I wanted to use the sand again because I really like the way the texture feels.  I know, it is the damnedest thing since I'm such a buff for a simple creme colored mani.  Anywho I decided "to hell with it" and just rolled with it.

Enough of the jabber, here's a list of the supplies used;

Base Coat
White Polish
Acrylic Paints
White Crafting Sand
The Best Glue Ever
Top Coat

Follow the jump for more....

Here's the canvas, a simple white creme polish over a basecoat.

Easy, peasy, yup and easy.

Then I used acrylic paints to do the design.  OK so they don't really look like crocus but they can still pass for Spring flowers!

I went for a water color type look for the sky with a hint of sunlight and for the soil peaking out of the snow.

After the acrylic paint dried I added a topcoat then a coat of The Best Glue Ever, waited for it to dry then dipped into the white crafting sand.

Gave all the nails a good sturdy brushing then applies two more clear topcoats.

Here is a closer look of the results.

I'm very pleased with this even though I didn't make a good crocus!

Sammy gave them wings up.  :-)

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