About me

What can I say about me?

Well for starters my name is Tracy and I've been painting my nails for longer than I can remember.  As a lifelong Tomboy I've always said that my nails are the only thing that made me feel feminine. Weird huh?  Oh well, it is what it is.

While single-parenting my sons I put so much into them that I forgot about who I am, physically I didn't take very good care of me.  While I did keep my nails painted most of the time, I let the rest of me go.  Yes I got fat.  

Now that my kids are grown and on their own I am finally taking the time for me.  I've lost a lot of weight and am feeling great!  

I used to post pictures of my manicures on Facebook but I know I'm boring most of my friends and family so I figured what the hell, why not start a blog and acquire a new circle of friends based on a common interest.

When it comes to my nails I prefer just straight color with no major embellishments. Well except for around the holidays where if time permits I'll do some nail art.  Typically I do my nails once a week.  Most of the nail art I do is on friends.  Decals, hand painting, stamping, foils, if they ask for it, they get it.  

Besides coming back to life as a woman I do have other interests.  I'm an animal person both in personal and professional life. Besides me, my home also consists of dogs, cats, birds and a tarantula my youngest son abandoned.  At some point pictures of my zoo will find their way to my blog.

Well that's it for now.


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