Sunday, March 10, 2013

OPI - Stay the Night (Liquid Sand) *DIY* Improved

Well it didn't take me long to make improvements to the original liquid sand DIY.  But hey, that's what makes nail art fun right?

Without further ado here's a picture of the updated nail.

Basically the same steps were followed except that I  applied colored polish over the base coat then followed that with one dip in the original black sand mix.  I used a green polish so that the coverage could be seen.

With one dip I can see the need to add a bit more glitter to the mix.

The left side of the nail has a matte top coat whereas I left the right side with a hi-gloss finish.

Follow the jump for some more info and pictures.

So since I used white sand for the concrete nails I decided to add some glitter to it to see how it look.

Following the same basic steps for the original liquid sand DIY

  • Base coat
  • Black polish
  • Best Glue Ever
  • Dip in sand mix
  • Top coat twice 

 As you can see, the white sand absorbed the color of the nail polish.  How cool is that!

I really like how this looks!

For this photo I used a matte top coat to do a chevron french tip just to show how it looks with a matte finish.

Personally I like it better with a high gloss.

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