Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Mani Basket of Goodies

OK so we all have different ways of organizing and storing our supplies.  I thought I'd start a series on how I organize and store my supplies.

What better way to start than with my basic manicure supplies?

Behold my basket of awesomeness...

I picked this basket up at the local Goodwill store for $1.00.  I think its intended use is for silverware.  Pffffft I have a drawer for that!  What better way to repurpose this than for a mani basket I ask???

In this basket is everything that I might need for a standard manicure.  Polishes I pick as needed.  If I'm in need of a nail repair I've got a different little basket for that.  Actually several depending on the type of repair.  (Did I mention that I'm a nail junkie?????)

If you have any questions on what's in the basket, ask away.  

You see that wooden framed tray?  That is my workspace.  Usually I'm sitting on the couch when working on my nails.  Whether polishing, painting or cleaning my cuticles, my supplies are on this tray.  For one, if I have to get up I just have to set one thing on the coffee table.  No worries about anything damaging my furniture.  

When not being used for my nails it occasionally has one of my laptops on it, can be used for breakfast in bed (it does have folding legs underneath it) or whatever else a nice large tray comes in handy for.  

It's just my thing and my way of keeping things together.

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