Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A bit of bamboo

This is a mani I sported last week.

Not my best work but I was just playing around with foil and stamps.

I started with base coat using an old Orly polish then using foil glue I painted on some bamboo then applied a gold foil.  That was followed by stamping on a bamboo pattern in black and white.

I've only tried the stamping a few times and I'm still not thrilled with the results but hey, that's what practice is for right?  While I'm not thrilled with this particular mani I can fully appreciate the possibilities.

I'll be adding in photos of old manis which won't have much detail since I hadn't planned on blogging yet.  Future manis will be more descriptive of products used and perhaps photos of the progress when enhancements are used.

I'll also work on some photo quality.

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